TITLE: Yo Soy de Saltillo


AUTHOR: Francisco Tobias Hernández



LANGUAGE: Spanish.

Through 30 microhistories, which go from the foundation of the Villa de Santiago del Saltillo to the present days, some events that marked the national life of México are mention local events,anecdotes or situations that have been shared through the generations of Saltillenses, and also describe places that remain standing in the city or that modernity has transformed them, in addition to coment some caracters Saltillenses who have contributed in the contruction of a society, a comunity, a city that has had to overcome adversities since the begging.

In the text you can find 30 occasion notices of different dates in which you can read how the neighbors of the Villa de Santiago del Saltillo and those of the town of San Esteban de la Nueva Tlaxcala tried to sell goods from slaves to hours of water for irrigation, or as the traders of the last century made their attempts to increase their sales in the newspaper

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