Elizabeth Alvarado

Writing for me is not only a dream but one of my passions. Ever since I was a little girl I knew as I was going to write a book, I didn’t know back then what the book was going to be about, but I was certain I was going to publish it one day.

I had the “almost perfect” life until I got sick, it took about two years to get to a diagnosis, I was almost paralyzed physically, mentally and emotionally, suffered from chronic pain amongst many other things and was told I had all Multiple Sclerosis’s symptoms, after many tests and specialists I was diagnosed with a mental illness, I had a severe and recurrent mood disorder (severe depression), by then my whole world had collapsed. I went from loving life to looking at suicide as the only way to ending everything specially all the emotional pain, I even thought of two different ways to do it.

I was so sick there wasn’t much I could do, depression had taken many of my abilities until one day I realized the one and only thing I could focus on was writing, it was then when I decided to work on that dream of becoming an author, my main drive was to show my boys their mom hadn’t given up and that when you have a big dream there wont be enough excuses to stop you from making it come true.

I love storytelling and so I decided to share some parts of mine with you through 3 books. I also decided to share part of my story because I know there are many people out there dealing with mental illnesses, when you get sick, life does not stop until you heal, it keeps going, my aim is that maybe, just maybe my story can help some of those people see whatever they are going through from a different angle, one that is more empowering to themselves, perhaps you have a loved one currently going through a difficult time and you have no idea what to do, my story might help you understand more, judge less and instead do whatever is within your reach to hold them until they are able to stand for themselves again. I really want to shine a light for whoever needs it, to raise awareness and start changing the way we see the invisible illness very few speak about.

“Los zapatos que me trajeron hasta aquí” (The shoes that brought me here) is the first part of my life that goes from since I remember to the time I was diagnosed with severe depression, some of the good and the not so much that made me go from living in Mexico with no money to buy shoes, to building a beautiful life in Canada.

“ESCAPE” is the second part of my life, the most vulnerable part of me, the one where I talk about the darkest times, all I felt and experienced from before the diagnosis, the suicidal thoughts etc. until after I decided to find a way to rescue me.

“Vuela” (Fly), is the third part, the one where I talk about the inner trip I had to take to learn to love myself and life again, all I’ve done to find my light and soar, the spiritual awakening that keeps me going.

I’m dreaming again, I would like to soon be able to open a virtual school where we learn emotional intelligence, spiritual healing etc. a place where we educate ourselves to be able to deal with whatever life throws at us without ending so broken feeling and believing we can’t get up. Along side I want to open a virtual hospital where people with no resources can access the professional help they need; a place they can reach doctors and have the therapy they otherwise wouldn’t be able to receive.

This is where you can reach me:

e-mail: elizabeth.alvarado.ie@gmail.com