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SUBTITLE: Talking to my fears,

I whisper my greatness

AUTHOR: Mariale Gamboa Bucarito

ISBN: 979-88562580-7-2


COUNTRY: United States



"Living as yourself: Talking to My Fears I Whisper My Greatness" is a captivating journey through the vibrant tapestry of life, where each individual carries a unique story, woven from the experiences, dreams, and aspirations that have shaped their being in this eye-opening book, self-discovery, and personal growth are explored, establishing a candid dialogue about feminine truths and a deep connection to our authenticity and the nourishment of our souls.

"Living as yourself" is not just a book, but an open door to a transformative conversation. It is an invitation to dive into the depths of your being, to listen to the whispers of greatness that reside within you, and to embark on an ongoing journey of authenticity, without apologies or fear. Each chapter is a reflection of the various stages of life, from moments of search and reflection to valuable lessons on motherhood, overcoming obstacles, accepting mistakes,and the valuable importance of integration in a changing society, especially for women. who exercise a conscious layoff during their maternity and comes to life in the form of a nightmare in the workplace.

So, get ready to enjoy this enriching reading while you sip a coffee and immerse yourself in the music that accompanies your reflections (Smart Book with QR code scanning). Dare to immerse yourself in this literary tapestry and discover how to unfold your inner greatness while embracing the wonder of your own existence.

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