TITLE: Life death life

AUTHOR: Luis Arturo Flores


Languages: Spanish


This work deals with how the life of a young man is transformed by the abuse of alcohol consumption. Having a normal life with a promising future, how in a second everything goes to ruin. It also deals with how, with the support of a Superior Father and with groups of Alcoholics Anonymous, he manages to overcome death and be reborn to a life of sobriety.

It also deals with how we remove God from our lives and unfortunately happen events as terrible as 9/11/2001 when the pride of architecture and material power of the United States in New York - that other work example of material creation made by the man- in minutes the Twin Towers were reduced to rubble. We should try to build those buildings within us with God as our guest and that way they would never collapse.

Let's reconnect with God in all aspects of life.

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