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Title: "Sales from inside out".

Subtitle: The art of selling expressed step by step.

ISBN:No lo sé, hablo a la editorial manana.

First Edition: Thousand copies.

Country: Mexico.

Languages: Spanish.

Rights contact: Nancy Valiente

 Whatsapp: +52 322 135 0763


instagram: nancyvalienteventas

Synopsis: With an unconventional and profoundly transformative perspective, Nancy Valiente guides us on a journey inward, where we discover the true power of sales: self-awareness and authenticity.

This book is not merely a guide to persuasive techniques; it is an exploration of our own identity and how it translates into our relationships with others. The author shares her personal experiences and valuable lessons learned in the field of sales, imparting wisdom and practical advice for navigating various situations.

Within these pages, you will learn that success in sales is not solely measured in numbers but in the ability to genuinely connect with your clients. You will discover how to face rejection with resilience, build a strong personal brand, and turn each sale into an opportunity to offer the best of yourself.

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