TITLE: Thy kingdom come

SUBTITLE: A guide to get in touch with Universal Energy

AUTHOR: Arnoldo Montemayor

ISBN: 9798536168646





Prayer and meditation teach us techniques to help us reach our true potential. In recent years quantum physics has theorized about the existence of an energy field to which everything in nature is connected, trees, plants, animals and humans. All living beings are variations of the same energy source from which we feed and we are interconnected with each other forming an interdependent infrastructure. That infrastructure is intended to expand and create life, and it is continually influencing us to consciously unite because we are an active part of its purpose.

This book invites us to restructure our way of thinking since it is the only possible way to change the patterns that gave rise to the thought system that is responsible for our culture. By changing the current system of thought, we can have the possibility of creating new forms of life that allow us to enter the "Kingdom of God" to become free human beings and at the same time be integrated into the will of God. The content of this book is not aligned to any particular religion or doctrine, although it is based on the prayer "Our Father" from the inspiration of Jesus of Nazareth, it shows us a way to “return to paradise" from where we once left. In general, the book is based on the inspiration that has given rise to all the religions of the world that seek love, well-being and compassion, therefore, it is not opposed to any of them.

Our evolution and the elevation of our level of consciousness depends on how well we maintain the connection with the universal field. We are part of it, in the same way that a drop of water is part of the ocean. That intelligent energy that created us, is our Father, knows our path and is continually calling us to actively participate in creation at his side, to actively be part of that quantum field where the source of infinite wisdom is located. Jesus called that field: "The Kingdom of the Heavens".

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