TITLE: Tierras frías, tierras cálidas

AUTHOR: Yenty Fux Baker

ISBN: 978-607-9171-79-7





The story is about two brothers and their family who lived in Nova Selitza, very close to Chernivtsy in the northwestern part of Romania on the border with Russia, and which now belongs to Ukraine.

Isaac is the third child of the Berelson Barach couple who in 1930, when he was only sixteen, travels from northwest Romania to Central America in order to forge a better destiny and help his parents economically. He arrives in Honduras, not knowing the language or the customs

Ten years later, in 1940, Nazi troops enter Nova Selitza. Moshe, Isaac's younger brother, flees to Russia from his town to save himself from the Holocaust and see how he can help the rest of his family. He is sent to work to the deep coal mines of Kazakhstan and later on gets to experience the horrors of the Archangel gulag in Russia.

The book is a good testimony of European emigration to Central America in the 1930´s and tells the difficulties every immigrant has to face in order to adapt to a new land, language and culture.

The stories of Isaac and his brother Moshe are incredible examples of the family

bonds as love and solidarity which are indestructible.

The book is mainly based on real facts and research.

Topics of interest: Benefits of chess, race discrimination, World War II, Jews, Romanies,

Honduras in the 1930`s, cross- cultural marriage, Interfaith marriage.

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