Title: The Girl with the Low-Cut Dress

Subtitle: None

ISBN 10:168570123X

ISBN 13:978-1685701239

Author : Gloria Restoy

First Edition : 12/21/2021

Country : United States

Languages : English and Spanish

Synopisis :

A Cuban family flees communism in 1961, and their only daughter must live with their legacy of

drugs, jail, and death.

This is the story of Gloria Restoy; she grew up in Miami, Florida, in the era of the cocaine

cowboys. Amidst a chaotic time of kidnappings and police raids, Gloria was searching for

meaning and identity. As the story unravels, there are twists and turns of psychological and

emotional abuse, and dark paths leading to satanic worship.

The woman you are going to meet in this story fought for her life, giants of addiction and

depression wanted to steal her destiny, and voices of insanity would deter her down paths of

self-destruction that almost stole her life.

By the grace of God, Gloria won the battles and lived to tell her story of hope, giving testimony

of how God saved her life from ruins. This is a story conceived in the heart of God.

Today, Gloria is a Certified Christian Life Coach, a chaplain, a teacher, and a leader at her

church. Gloria teaches people how to listen to the voice of God. Her biggest joy is working with

girls who have been rescued from sexual slavery.

This book will help you to:

Reconcile with God

Recognize your value

Re-ignite your dreams

Gloria Restoy

About the author

Can a life characterized by addictions, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, anger and depression be

healed and transformed for the glory of God? Why would God want someone that has lived

completely contrary to his word? Can a person who has practiced satanic worship be valuable to


The answer is definitely yes! Gloria Restoy is living proof of the transformative power of God’s grace.

The story of this woman is a journey in which she will explain her childhood, her traumas, her

addictions and all the dark places in which she walked.

In a most vulnerable way, Gloria will share her life with you, and she will unravel how God grabbed

her by the hand and walked her out of hell.

Deep sorrow and shame became unbeatable foes, yet she fought for her life and refused to give in

to the giants that wanted to rob her of her destiny.

This is a story of hope and of God’s power as he leaves 99 sheep to rescue one that has been lost.

Today, Gloria Restoy is a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Chaplain, a teacher and a leader at her

church. Her biggest joy is working with young girls who have been rescued from sexual slavery.

Author : Gloria Restoy

Watts App : 786 223-4108

Email : ohglory8@gmail.com

Facebook: Gloria Restoy

You Tube : Blossoming by Grace and Grit

Website: https://www.gloriarestoy.com

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