TITLE: The Book of Marcos and the Lost Worlds

AUTHOR: Suzet Leyva Gonzalez




SYNOPSIS: The inexhaustible imagination of a child allows him to become the vessel of a forgotten god. This transmutation is the beginning of a trilogy of adventures, which take the main character beyond the known universes. While on the other hand, the god experiences in our real world, the harsh reality of his vessel trapped for a while in The Cavern. We will understand the reason for the game of life, as we travel through incredible universe like Nuzys; The planet where mermaids live. We will know the language of the Nuvis on the way to Ergoden the sixth primary world, where the Oundexcians the most intelligent creatures of the known universe inhabit. We will all experience the Suzelian vision of salvation in contrast to the apocalyptic paradigm, it brings us a higher stage for the human race through an explosion of love by our creator that reset humanity in the day zero for a new beginning.


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