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TITLE: Suffering Changes Everything


AUTHORS: Nayeli Pereznegrón and Fr. Jorge Obregón.

ISBN: 9798365299337

FIRST EDITION: 11/23/2022



SYNOPSIS: Pain and suffering question each one of our lives. Why does this happen? What is this supposed to mean? Will I ever be happy again? Nevertheless, suffering in the life of a person, when it is well borne, changes everything.

A woman and a Catholic priest open their hearts up and share their experience of pain and love they each have found in their life.  As witnesses to pain, suffering and transformation, they come together to offer you answers to many questions: What do I do with the suffering that I feel? How can I welcome it and discover its transforming power? Where do I find the answer of whether this makes any sense? Why does it seem that we suffer more in the defeats than we enjoy the joy of successes?

This is a book that will help you encounter love, hope and happiness on the other side of suffering and pain.


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