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TITLE: Sueños de Cloaca

SUBTITLE: La cruda realidad de inmigrantes que llegaron a Estados Unidos en busca del sueño americano.

AUTHOR: Max Torres

ISBN: 978 1 4633-6812-8





Sueños de Cloaca is a unique book that reveals the life of the undocumented immigrant in its real dimension.  It is the harsh reality of those who come to the United States crossing the border and remaining undocumented.  Many are protagonists of September 11, when the terrorists blew up the Twin Towers in New York that changed our lives.  In Boston, New York or anywhere in the United States, many immigrants live for years in misery.  Sueños de Cloaca constitutes a clear denunciation against the rulers for being indifferent to irrational migrations that end up being inhumane.

 At the end of 2013, Max Torres gave the world, perhaps, the best contribution in favor of the Latino immigrant as he lays bare the dramatic reality with a simple narrative of journalism, which produces repressed and righteous anger in the reader. for the abuses that are experienced daily.

 The stories that appear in Sueños de Cloaca are true, raw, sad and humorous at times, but with good judgment. He does not identify protagonists at all costs, he presents the stories that he not only captured in his notebook but scenarios that, due to their own reality, led him to a better understanding the  lives of immigrants.

 We know that each one of them represents stories that multiply in those 12 million immigrants who live in similar conditions in a nation that dazzles and that despite everything that is written or said will continue to be the magnet of those in their own country -- from thieving and abusive governments or well-intentioned but penniless authorities-- they find no opportunities for anything.  Immigration to the United States will continue and many of them will give it the best they have in their lives, but as long as they remain undocumented, they will continue to paradoxically be treated as pariahs.  This work describes the life of the immigrant in many ways, as if he were releasing voices addressed to everyone so as not to continue being indifferent to irrational migrations that end up being inhumane.

 Sueños de Cloaca appeared amid proposals for immigration reform and a difficult political and economic moment, as a way to give immigrants a voice.  There has been much talk about the long-awaited reform, but up to this point there is none.

 Sueños de Cloaca collects incredible stories that reveal the misery in which many undocumented immigrants live and that is seen on the streets of many cities in Massachusetts.

 But who doesn't want to live in the United States, in the most powerful country in the world?  Who doesn't want to jump the border to look for the precious greens?

 Many do so with enthusiasm, with an unequivocal perception that America “is paradise”, but the reality is different, a crude reality that they do not want to see, much less export.

 Outside there is a world of illusions, of immigrants who, defying death, cross the border with Mexico to build a better future.  How many achieve it?  The numbers are small, there are 12 million or more undocumented immigrants who, in order to survive and send money to their families, have to live like rats in sewers, crammed into small rooms in buildings in East Boston, Chelsea, Revere, Lynn, Lawrence, Framingham, Milford or Worcester.

Colombian Uriel says.  Drugs, prostitution and prison are also the classic trinomial of the daily lives of many immigrants.

 Sueños de Cloaca shows the real face of the immigrant, without concealments or duplicity, and in the middle of 2023, poverty, social conflicts, and corruption continue to push many people to try to leave their countries of origin to find a better world in the United States. 

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