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TITLE: Smoking Mirror: Walking the Healer's Path with Sara Macias Vasquez.

SUBTITLE: Walking the Healer's Path with Sara Macias Vasquez.

AUTHOR: Norman Laurence Lichty

ISBN: Hardcover: 978-1-6698-3967-5: Softcover: 978-1-6698-3966-8: ebook: 978-1-6698-3965-1

FIRST EDITION: 11/16/2022


LANGUAGES: English with some translated Spanish words and phrases.

WHATSAPP: 213 327-4022

SYNOPSIS: Smoking Mirror: Walking the Healer's Path with Sara Macias Vasquez is a story that depicts a series of moments in the 1980's that the author spent working with the greatest healer of the Twentieth Century (and mother of the now famous author in Toltec shamanism, Miguel Ruiz) Sara Macias Vasquez. The story moves through how the author, who was also a spiritualist healer and channel, finally found Sarita's temple in Barrio Logan in San Diego and began to translate for her, including a scene where Sarita turns the tables on a police detective who was sent to try and trap her and denounce her as s charlatan. There is a moment that details how the author received visions and another about how the state of ecstatic trance is achieved. An over the shoulder look at Sara performing her speciality of physic surgery, a bloodless penetration of the body using her fingertip, to fix the sufferer's diseased organs ensues. Then the story moves up to a mountaintop in Eastern San Diego County where the author's spiritual brother delivers a powerful message to the audience and demonstrates curacion fluidica (fluidic healing). Following are scenes where Sarita reveals her dream of building a glass pyramid as a healing center, other-worldly music with a group called Interval, a concert for alien enthusiasts in Mexico City, and the culmination on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun where Sara, the author, and the members of Interval momentarily transform into Gods.

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