TITLE: Blood Seed

AUTHOR: Ana Yazel Ortiz

ISBN: 968-6896-85-6





Blood Seed presents us with a fast-paced story that takes us to the corners of Mr. Benson's great mansion, as well as to the ends of the world, following the trail of life and death in his attempt to find human perfection.

But where is James Benson, is he still latent in every corner, in every element of nature that he has recreated, in each of its descendants? His knowledge, the knowledge of life, is awaiting the liberating mind that will reconstruct the great puzzle of perfection, dream and wakefulness of all men throughout time.

The author takes the reader through a labyrinth of emotions and makes him a participant in every enigma, mystery and code that James Benson has created to hide his project. Each one will be able to put together their own version of the story by gathering the clues that they find on each page full of numerology, symbols and other artifices.

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