TITLE: Infinite Red (Rojo infinito)

AUTHOR: Alejandro Garza

ISBN: 978-607-97117-8-8





They say we are all connected as tiny particles among the universe, and you can only connect to your soul until you reincarnate as a tiger or melt in the ice of an exoplanet. However, life experiences show us that we can be connected by a word, a meaning, a thread, a song, or a dot in the road. How deep or how far we must go to connect with ourselves? How much faith, passion, and desire we need to reach the greatness of love that changes our feelings while living?

A thread that leads us one and another, that makes us feel part of greater world and human values; a thread that frees our soul, a thread of Infinite Red that leads us back to our initial moments, to our center point, so we can amend mistakes and return to our hearts, that still burn in fire and in crimson passion. Let the Will-o’-the-wisp guide you.

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