TITLE: Poetry of Belle Ideals

SUBTITLE: Bilingual Poetry for the EFL/ELE

AUTHOR: Héctor Ramiro Ordóñez Zúñiga

ISBN: 979-836-808-676-7





SYNOPSIS: A collection of 54 bilingual poems to help the learning process. This work focuses on improving speaking skills. As a poetry book, it reflects the nature of love, the lack of it; however, it shows the actual view of feelings. The poetic language brings joy or delusion; each poem hails love, hope, and wishes. 'Poetry of Belle Times' takes the reader to discover passion on a personal level. As a textbook, it aids learners in improving their speaking skills. Short poems take the reader to command language features related to orthoepy. It includes a list of words associated with the A1-C2 levels of the Common European Framework. This book increases vocabulary for those intending to sit a language certification. For teachers, it includes an outline to plan lessons using literature. Plus, seven activities to employ poetry during class time.


RIGHTS CONTACT: Héctor Ramiro Ordóñez Zúñiga

WHATSAPP: +52 5524919866

EMAIL: hrordonez@prodigy.net.mx

FACEBOOK: /hrordonez


WEBSITE: www.beyondelt.com

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