TITLE: Autumn in Paris

AUTHOR: Bertha Mónica Treviño Lozano

ISBN: 978-607-7949-25-1





Paris as a dreamed city, bright and humid; as a mirror of the soul of those who visit it; unique as the interpretation of the challenges of existence.

I would say that Paris is like a mirror. Whatever you bring inside, it exhibits it, caresses it, torments it with doubts that you were not even aware of carrying. It confronts you with the apparent indifference of the world, with the hard, dry face of its gargoyles and demons... and also with the kindness of the angels.

This is how life goes on: between hesitations between good and evil, between trials that distemper the most hardened: between neon lights that light up in front of the Tree of Science camouflaged in defiance.

Each sustained struggle, each battle overcome, invites us to accept our lights and shadows, as perfect in the picture of life as in a painting by Renoir; and like an autumn leaf, to let go of our comfort zones and allow ourselves to be guided, trusting, in the loving breath of God.

Autumn in Paris is a book that envelops the reader in a fine, nostalgic and persistent rain; the rain of a Paris without children, but with lovers who hope to find something to take them out of their gray and melancholic routine. The city with the soul of a poet that has bewitched so many with its unique aromas and peculiarities.

Words and images form and shape a mosaic born from the most intimate of Bertha Monica's perceptions, refined under the meticulous magnifying glass of an intelligent sensibility that few use so accurately to open the cage and let out, in disarray, powerful emotions that like secret codes remain in our hearts.

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