TITLE: My Meeting with the Archangel Raphael.

SUBTITLE: Biography of Healer Juan Del Bosque

AUTHOR: Juan Manuel Del Bosque Contreras

ISBN: 97860700156657





Juan Del Bosque is a healer who uses divine vital healing energy, which is an ancient technique, as a method of healing, and he uses his hands as his instrument.

He has more 40 years of experience and is nationality and internationality known, due to a History Channel report, the was broadcasted in chapter five of the “Miracles Decoded”.

However, his transformation was not easy. He embraced the gift that was entrusted Archangel Raphael after his first retreat in New Orleans, in 1978. After becoming aware of the of the gift and assuming that responsibility, it involved a painful and difficult transition.

Juan describes this process and shares it with a straightforward simple narrative and an almost “naïve” style. The story engages the reader with a dramatic force that could well be associated with a film scrip, reminiscent of “Run Niki Ru“, the legendary novel-film from the seventies that narrates the conversion of Niki Cruz.

His narrative style is also associated whit the new literary trends of short, almost telegraphic writing, which does not lose drama or skimp on historical and literary resources that sharpen the plot and give vitality to the events. A fictionalized autobiographic, autobiographical novel, or simply a story to tell, is also a complicity that is attended between the author and reader, who ceases to be a passive receiver to join the plot that transits from the fantastic to the brutally real.

The apparently disproportionate optimism of its pages is nothing more than a reflection of the idiosyncrasy of the Latin American, who levitates between, the lightness of the common man and the sublimation of one who strips off his ego and puts his talents at the service of those in need.

Finally, we discover the underlying presence of the absolute that is the guiding thread of the plot and that weaves together, with fine points, a mysticism fabric that makes us reflect on the being and work of the divine presence, as the only driving force of change that takes us from being simple mortals to partners of his divinity.

Enjoy the reading proposed by Juan Del Bosque, the healer. His experience is now transformed into words.

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