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TITLE: Mi Abuela Una Artesana

SUBTITLE cuentos para desarrollar habilidades Metacognitivas.

AUTHOR: Patricia Luisa Rojas Chinetti.

CONTACT :56965133438


EDITION: Primera edición.




In these stories, My Grandmother An Artisan is an excellent example for the child that will allow him to contribute positively to his language development and social skills.

A story reading activity will lead the child to display and use their potential. In this process it will take you to practice your concentration levels and channel emotions.

Your capacity for neurolinguistic permeability will allow you to access other higher educational levels. Increase your neurological connections.

It is a resource and a tool to stimulate the imagination, express emotions and feelings. And if he already reads, he will feel attracted and motivated. They will acquire reading habits and increase their vocabulary and expand their levels of understanding that will confront them with

other different contexts that belong to other cultures.

And those who do not yet have reading and require a narrator will allow them to connect fantasy and their ability to imagine with their essence, releasing their emotions. A story provides more than just reading, a quality approach between the adult and the child through this story they manage to acquire new content that will awaken their curiosity that will push them to go beyond what is the theme of the story to new learning.

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