Discover the powerful light being you are and enjoy, bless, and love your mediumship

AUTHOR: Graciela González Martínez

ISBN: 978-607-8801-24-4

FIRST EDITION: January 2022


LANGUAGES: Spanish, English (90% still in process)


Since 1995 I have suffered from extreme migraines, constant visits to the doctor, and different medications I was taking to lead an everyday life; I took alternative therapy, which helped me with the migraine. In 2004 I had several anxiety attacks and depression; after that, multiple intestinal problems appeared for a few years, and finally, fibromyalgia joined in 2010.

Searching for physical and emotional health and after more than eight months of incapacity for work in 2014, I discovered that everything I felt physically and emotionally was related to the negative energy that I absorbed from entities and people with whom I lived, crises of pain, anxiety, and depression were frequent, so I took different medications to maintain the rhythm between home and work.

All aspects of my life got complicated, and once I reached physical and emotional stability, I decided to write my experience to support other mediums.

The book is based on my life experience as a medium; I decided to write it because when I discovered that I am a medium, it was difficult for me to find information related to the subject in a simple language, from the sensations and feelings of the medium (when close to a ghost or when it adheres), up to, how to strike a conversation with a ghost and everything that this gift involves. I try to include everything that being a medium entails.

The book contains tools that I learned over approximately six years; it is a compendium of what, for me, was functional and effective to keep my energy high, autonomously; in no book does it talk about how bad the medium can have it and how frustrating life can be out of energy balance, that is why I consider of utmost importance that mediums learn how to protect and heal themselves, the book includes downloadable audios through QR that will support the medium in his/her awakening.

The attitude we take towards life determines our near and distant future. I tried to be very clear about the attitude or position that could best support the medium throughout his process. The behavior you take will define how you will live the process.

I am convinced that this book will support many mediums worldwide for all the techniques and experiences that it includes so that you can have a life in complete balance with yourself and the people around you without having to abandon any of the activities that you are doing, as was my case of having to leave my job to be able to stabilize my life with mediumship.

The book will also support people who are natural mediums and want to open this communication channel with the spirits.

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