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TITLE: The 7 codes of happiness

AUTHOR: Jesús Eduardo Tobías Páder

ISBN: 978-607-29-1798-9 (English); 978-607-29-0458-3 (Spanish)



LANGUAGES: English, Spanish



A book’s worth depends on the extent to which it can help improve people's lives. That is precisely the objective of this text: to ensure that you have a good and happy life.

Being happy is important to you, but being good is important so others can be happy too.

Happiness does not enter, it comes out of your heart. There are some conditions that will help happiness to sprout within you until a whole paradise blossoms for you and others. These conditions are what’s called The 7 Codes of Happiness. They consist of key elements that you must care for. One of these codes could solve most of your problems as well as those of the world.

"Our life is so short that we should only do what we love." Jesús Tobías


RIGHTS CONTACT: Jesús Eduardo Tobías Páder

WHATSAPP: +52 81 1977 2277





This video shows an excerpt from the conference THE 7 CODES OF HAPPINESS with which the author has inspired thousands of people to be good and happy.

Many people have pointed to his lectures - which are free - as the most momentous they have ever witnessed in their lives.

"There are events that are never forgotten".

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