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TITLE: Reaching the heart

SUBTITLE: A novel for your life.

AUTHOR: Jesús Eduardo Tobías Páder

ISBN: 978-607-00-9981-6






Arriving to the heart is a novel that deals with the life of a boy who was found newborn in a municipal garbage dump. The person who found him was a very poor and lonely old woman who decided to take care of him. That garbage dump was the home of both. Years later, as a young adult, in that same garbage dump, this boy named Ventor made the greatest discovery of his life. It was a book capable of transforming anyone's life. When he finished reading it, Ventor decided to write a thank you letter to the author named Aía. Weeks later, the author decided to travel to the country of that admirer to meet him. And she found him in that garbage dump. The magic of that meeting was wonderful. Together, Aía and Ventor, created a paradise of unimaginable dimensions. Practically, they created a new civilization far superior to all those that had existed on Earth. This was the best and happiest civilization that ever existed.

At the end of this story, when Véntor was already a very loved man around the world, he also decided to write a book in which he would share the golden nuggets of wisdom that he collected throughout his life. He called that book "The 7 codes of happiness". Such book really exists  and the conference based on it given by the real author, Jesús Tobías, continues to shake the consciences of thousands of people.


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