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Title: "The cardboard factory"


Author: Yudith Treviño

First edition: 28/11/2022

Country: Mexico

Language’s: Spanish



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FACEBOOK: Yudith Treviño


The plot where this story begins to develop begins in Germany and crosses the sweet and wonderful waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where the main character, Robert Richard Pilz, begins a new stage of his life with his three children.

Robert Richard Pilz lives trapped under the memory of love until he realizes how valuable time and life are and begins to experience in him a new rebirth, giving way to his path new experiences,  until he comes face to face with his true destiny, in a country where he knew the love of neighbor and the happiness we experience when living and creating moments and memories in family,  but above all giving way to his life to forgiveness.

Mexico and Don Marcelo Alonso de la Vega will give each of the characters moments of wisdom and love for the soul and a strong and warm embrace to the heart.

Don Marcelo Alonso de la Vega, as the plot progresses, steals all prominence, managing to touch even the most intimate fiber of the reader's heart with each of his words, which will heal souls and restore the sense of knowing how to live, and live well.

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