TITLE: Games of love 1: My Doll

AUTHOR: Yusdi Cortez R.

ISBN: 978-8413864365, 8413869684





Emilia is beyond than a beautiful young woman; possessor of a beauty that others would consider a gift, but not everything is as it seems. Emilia absolutely is not a privileged young woman at all and will confirm it by becoming the apparent obsession of a millionaire man, powerful and whimsical who never rests until he gets whatever he wants, and he wants Emilia!

“My father always told me I looked like a doll and Vladimir Gallagher makes me feel like it”.

In these games of love, will be present a so wonderful as unpredictable scenarios series, where is nothing what it seems.

Games of love 1: My Doll is the beginning of a captivating and involving saga that takes the reader to the limit of his imagination and to discovering for the deepest feelings.

In this story we will see Vladimir's constant struggle to return to Emilia the most important thing that has been taken off from her, (the daughter born from them). Some years ago Emilia lost her memory due an attack she suffered by Vladimir's parents order, they did not wants the baby born because Emilia is not the woman they wanted for Vladimir; guided by greed, they had plan for him a same circle high society wife; currently Vladimir has to strive against his parents, chosen fiancee, the lost Emilia´s memory and his feeling love for her.

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