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TITLE:  Unusual visit - The story of a clone  (Insólita visita – La historia de un clon)

AUTHOR:  Patricia Laborde García

ISBN:       978-607-7949-36-7

REGISTRATION Number: 03-2021-121413343400-01 (INDAUTOR)


COUNTRY:  Mexico

LANGUGE:  Spanish




The world collapses: it seems there is a countercurrent trying to destroy everything. A group of powerful people, concerned about the future of humanity, decide that the time has come to look for an outstanding leader who will order chaos and encourage empathy among all to stop the coming catastrophe.


After several deliberations, they come to the same conclusion: the man who is so urgently needed does not exist. They rummage through their thoughts and continue proposing, until it occurs to someone that they have to create it, it is necessary to bring it out of nowhere to take care of this daunting task. Someone young, impetuous, charismatic, supportive, who with his mere presence, manages to dissolve evil and even the most ferocious and malicious pay homage to him. A being of light, a wise man, a prophet.


This group contacts a prestigious oncologist and geneticist who, together with his team of scientists and researchers, has achieved international fame for his findings on cloning. They are the champions of the subject. Thus, they reach a risky agreement; Dr. Karim Steinberg accepts, not for money or recognition, but because this plan will represent a milestone in history, cracking the stagnant belief systems that have governed the behavior of peoples since the beginning of life on Earth, to make way for to a rebirth, to a quantum leap in the evolution of the species.


But…won't this daring be too much? Will not desecrate nature bring unimaginable repercussions? After countless doubts and very deep considerations, Dr. Steinberg and his colleagues say that despite everything, they will do it. They want to get involved in the utopia of changing the threatening destiny of the planet: the price to pay does not matter.


So, the cloning of the enlightened begins.



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