SUBTITLE: It's up to you!

AUTHOR: Milton Taboada

ISBN: In process with Grupo Editorial Caja Negra S.A.C. Lima-Peru 2022

FIRST EDITION: In process with Grupo Editorial Caja Negra S.A.C. Lima-Peru 2022



SYNOPSIS: Mother Earth sends her son, Globearth, to contact humans for help. Eleven-years-old Jillian meets him and they build a close friendship. “I belong to you and you belong to me. It’s up to you. Save me!” is Mother Earth message.

Globearth tells Jillian that humans are ignoring the environment and destroying the planet. Pollution and deforestation caused by human activity, which is affecting every single, living creature on our planet. Globearth tells her about the importance of recycling as well as adopting pets from animal shelters. Jillian decides to help Globearth and pledges to fight to save Mother Earth. With the support of her brother, Jillian get her parents, friends, schoolmates, and teacher involved in environmental awareness and invites everybody to be part of this cause to benefit the planet and humanity.

The story of Globearth and Jillian helps us reflect upon how important it is to protect our Mother Earth. As adults, we have a moral obligation to leave the Earth a better place to live. Children all around the world deserve better. Let’s support them!

“I have faith in humanity and in the new generation” – is the hope of Mother Earth.

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