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TITLE: Fire in the soul

SUBTITHE: The Risk of Knowing Me

AUTHOR: Gilma Camargo Aguirre

ISBN: 978-958-49-0339-6

FIRST EDITION: October 2020

SECOND EDITION: January 2023

COUNTRY: Tunja-Boyacá (Colombia)


SYNOPSIS: Gilma Camargo Aguirre, Colombian by birth, lawyer specializing in public management who held various public positions such as the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Secretary of Social Integration among other positions, community leader and social activist today exiled from her country, has kept since her childhood the passion for writing and translates into letters what his soul feels and lives through poetry. The Fire in the Soul Book...The risk of knowing myself is the second of three poetry books she authored. In this book the author uses a simple and free language with which she invites us on a journey full of colorful landscapes, shooting stars and resplendent, sailing over lakes, rivers and seas, letting ourselves be carried away and enveloped by the fire of love and fanning it with the fresh air of his verses. We will experience the divine and the human in these verses.

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