TITLE: Shooting stars

SUBTITLE: Messages to illuminate your inner peace

AUTHOR: Bertha Mónica Treviño Lozano

ISBN: 9798689266466




SYNOPSIS: Messages of stillness to transform thought into peace. Feel the sweetness of the inner encounter that shines in each phrase; a guide as sure as your essence, as sure as the light that illuminates Bertha Monica, receptive channel to peace, which cannot help but be given. With foreword by Jorge Lomar and Reyes Ollero, facilitators of forgiveness and A Course in Miracles.

Shooting Stars is a compendium of brief reflections of daily application and timeless beauty that will encourage you on your spiritual path.

confidence in Life and to see ourselves as innocent and, at the same time, responsible for our human experience, always from unity, from the gaze of love.

Learning to remember who we are--love, peace, light, full consciousness, responsibility--is truly transcendental.

We are all shooting stars. So flow. Go through life leaving a trail of light and color on others.

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