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TITLE: Empowerment of a strong family

SUBTITLE: Strive and be brave Dare… you can do it

AUTHOR: Gloria I Cornier Q.

ISBN: 9798374502930

FIRST EDITION: 07 March 2023

COUNTRY: Unites States

LANGUAJES: Spanish  and  english




In this book Gloria Cornier tells us about the life of Altagracia, a story from real life. Unusual, but absolutely true, which serves to make families aware that, despite the difficulties, love must prevail specially for children, since they are the future of next generations.


Altagracia, among many women, stands out for being a brave and courageous woman who has gone through many obstacles, but ha al,ways been able to stand up and remain optimistic in the face of difficulties, she’s know for being a very faithful person, first of all to God, she  does not like the duplicity and hypocrisy of people.


Atagracia always obeyed her mother, and when her mother became a widow, she thought that Altagracia should get married, even though she wanted to be a religious.


This book is written for you, the hard-working family who has an unfinished project or a business to start and really want to improve; it is for the entrepreneur who is starting form scratch or for the ne who wants to expand hjis knowledge and lean more.


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