Author: Betty Marines

ISBN: 978-84-19046-74-1

Edition: 2022

Country: Mexico

Languages: Spanish


Emigradas, narrates the process of several people who in order to "progress",

leave everything aside to go in search of a dream; and achieve a better life.

He lies, whoever tells them that it is easy, it is not, it takes a lot of strength and

character, to continue day by day.

Although life is more comfortable and different than in the countries of origin,

only those who really work, strive and persevere, manage to enjoy it.

But in the end, most think: was it worth living locked up, in fear and being looked

down upon? Not to live, nor to live with the family for real?

The stories that EMIGRADAS contains, describes success, but also abuse, rape,

pederasty and the disloyalty of a religious ......

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