TITLE: El Universo. Visión científica dialéctico-materialista.

AUTHOR: Gabriel Robledo Esparza

ISBN: 978-607-97174-4-5 (Spanish)





The cosmological model that currently prevails among the international scientific community to explain the origin, evolution and destiny of the universe is that of the so-called "big bang" theory. Its predominance is indisputable, and there is not the slightest major disagreement in the scientific world about its validity, if anything, only small discrepancies on secondary issues of the general scheme.

The foundations of this worldview are found in: 1) the marvelous advances in atomic and corpuscular physics, which allowed modern cosmology, in the study of the observable universe, mainly that of our galaxy, to know in depth the nature of the nebulae of rarefied matter, the process of their condensation to form stars and planets, the grouping of these nebulae and stars into galaxies, the organization of galaxies into larger units, etc., and the necessary extinction of all these formations and their regression to matter disaggregated to start a new sidereal cycle; and 2) Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.

The "big bang" theory thus has a rational core (modern cosmology, whose object is the "observable" universe and its testing field the "Milky Way") and an anti-scientific envelope (the Einsteinian theory of relativity).

All the rationality of this theory is nullified by Einstein's misconceptions.

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