TITLE: The Secret of Elia

SUBTITLE: A story of self-compassion, spirituality and heavenly healing.

AUTHOR: Tomás SolísK and Lorena Montalvo

ISBN: 978-607-8801-07-7




SYNOPSIS: A story based on real events, from the threshold of dead, Elia start a new way, and with courage and empowerment she give us her testimony about that nothing is impossible when you walk by the hand of our own truly essence as a human being.

Right in the moment that she realizes that she can no longer go on alone, starts to open the door to new perspectives, accepting the help of her daughters and holistic therapists who accompany her in the travel into his soul, to discover what was blocking her from seeing the reality of her being, to find out the way of healing his soul, that will let her share her knowledge and experiences with the others.

If you have this book in your hands and have the curiosity of getting into it, go on, maybe this is your moment to start your way of self-compassion, spirituality and heavenly healing.

The author´s spirit is that the message of this book reach out to those who are going to a difficult situation, and let them know that there´s no crisis that had no solution in the light of the truly conscious of the human being, however deep and desperate that it seems.


Tomás Solís

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Lorena Montalvo

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