Book “The Pact”

The Story of two big champions!


Manuel “Amaya González” got addicted to drugs in full swing of a very promising boxing

career, at times where getting 2 nationals titles and one Latin American title, as well as his

rising to the worldwide ranking, it projected him the dispute of the worldwide championship.

Fame, money and glory waved at him, he had it all served thanks to his innate boxing

abilities, until he tried the damn drugs, that it broke his dreams, it sinked him into chaos, it

dragged him into poverty and a life full of death that made him lose it all.

Drugs took him out of the ring and deprived him from his future. They caught him,

consumed his very soul, broke his heart and made him hit rough bottom.

From there, he suffered, he hated, he hated himself, despised everything and everyone. It

became bitter and neglected himself into loneliness. He was caught up in that world full of

pain and death for 19 years, but had the guts to pull himself together, get up and become who

he is today; a great example of recovery.

“The Pact” describes his suffering and sweeps with him all of his concerns, his pain and

dispossession that nearly caused death upon him.

This book also takes us to get to know an act full of generosity from Mauricio Fernandez

Soto, hard-working businessman, former boxer, who, depply grateful with God for the blessing

of prosperity, fought next to Manuel until rescuing him from his addiction to drugs, walking by

his side even today, after almost 25 years later, in his remarkable recovery.

Two stories, two testimonials that trace from one hand the calvary from a tomertend

adicted to drugs who manages to get out of darkness and is now living proof of hardwork and

self-improvement, and, on the other had, a farmer’s point of view who, due to health issues,

leaves his home seeking for a job, starting a journey of effort and success that takes him to

become his own businessman.

“The Pact” is, above all, a message of positivism directed to those who live in darkness, in

order to, from Faith, trust in God and in themselves, with courage and willpower, know that;

Indeed!, It is possible to go back to the light!

Autor: Marco Tulio Vega Villalta

Email, teléfono móvil (506) 8638 9437, San José, Costa Rica