TITLE: El ojo parado

AUTHOR: Jesús Santos Landois




In this book “El Ojo Parado” its author Jesus Santos Landois chronicler and renowned writer from the north of Coahuila Mexico, narrates the events that happened in Santa Rosa Valley during the 1800s, when the Mexican war or French intervention occurred.

At the same time the triumph of Benito Juarez for the presidency of Mexico, who was upset with the neighbors of the Valley, and he confiscated many lands. He was reelected as president and General Porfirio Diaz rose up in arms, and the residents of the Valley supported the rebellion.

When the President Juarez died the people from the Santa Rosa Valley reached their glorious age having overcome wars, droughts, plagues and diseases, and at that time an event transformed the Valley…

A historical stage of transformation began the habitants of Santa Rosa Valley lived the advances of the modern era. That time of glory ended abruptly…Other events came to end it.

The Revolution

The Revolution as a cursed sentence came to interrupt development to roll for social peace to destroy the homeland and to undo the source of wealth. Those man who had resisted fires, barbarian Indians attacks, plagues, storms and droughts in the early twentieth century occupying a prestigious place in the north of Mexico. They were forced to defend their life and their home… brothers and friends turned enemies and fought against each other; the Santa Rosa Valley rejoiced with the blood of his children…

Why the name of El Ojo Parado?

Name given to Ildefonso Castro, a skinny and perverse individual, with exaggeratedly bulging eyes that gave the impression of being fixed on a squashed and rude face. Cheater man of the Castro family who could commit the worst and most cruel acts that could never have been imagined in that desolate Valley of Santa Rosa.

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