TITLE: The Man who had no future

SUBTITLE: A Current story about personal and professional improvement

AUTHOR: Germán Arvizu

ISBN: 7987190 230580

FIRST EDITION: March 2023 Editorial Utrilla




A wonderful work of personal improvement that, through Max's experiences, has

helped to continuously transform and improve the lives of hundreds of people.

It arises from the need to awaken full awareness and take control of our destiny

with the responsibility that this entails, in addition to avoiding postponing our

happiness in favor of immediate superfluous pleasures.

It is a paradoxically realistic fiction novel, which reveals the story of Max's life over

more than 70 years. Coming from a marginalized environment and society, the

character reaches the pinnacle of success; However, he loses sight of everything

that led him to climb the triumph and, suddenly, what he fought for more than 30

years collapses, never to return. Thus, in the twilight of his life, he decides to

recover a little of it and rethink his future.

Through this story, the author Germán Arvizu immerses us in the Coaching and

mentoring environment to help us understand that we must plan each stage of our

personal and professional development.

Max reminds us that, although the future cannot be fully anticipated, it is possible

to plan and take each step making the best decisions; Only then will his destiny

take an unexpected turn, as often happens in life itself.

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