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TITULO DEL LIBRO :  El  Enemigo Interno

AUTOR:                     Valente Valenzuela

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This is a work of fiction base don real events. Specific details and carácter´s  names have been changed to protect these individuals and to give the story a more dramatic effect.

The Mekanik was a Mexican-American soldier that served the Army of North America in Southeast Asia in the Republic of Vietnam in 1968, during the Vietnam conflict.

The Mekanik will enlighten us about the black marked behind the front lines and what rear echelon soldiers did to obtain money, to support their drug habits or for other reasons.

The American taxpayer is the one that foots the bill especially in a war zone, such as in Vietnam. There was no mechanism to stop waste and thievery among the tropos.

The Mekanik was a twenty-.years-old one-man army with a high school education. Along with a few other men also fighting The Enemy  Within, at times he found himself in a sticky spider web.  brother-in-arms and enemy insurgents were constantly asking for favors with deceit and greed. At times the enemy acted as his friend;  worse, sometimes his Friends were the enemy. The Mekanik faced violence, death, and fear with simultaneus  sensations of compassion and romanticism, all in the chaos of war. May I suggest, reader friend, that you add a dose of empathy to the experiences of the main carácter in this great adventure.

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