Title:       The Mountain Snail

Author:   Bernarda Holguín Gámez

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Country: México

It has not been published yet

Language:  Spanish 

Synopsis: Once upon a time there was a very large snail that lived at the foot of a great Cliff and its owner was able to climb to the top of the rock.  So every day he spent climbing, but he always fell and started again because he wanted to fulfill his dream of reaching the top.  Until one day the LoHaltz brothers arrived and when they saw him, they took him with them.  The snail discovered that he could communicate with the LoHaltz children telepathically. He lived with them many adventures but longed to fulfill this dream of climbing their mountain.  So the LoHaltz brothers took him back to the cliff and left him on the other side of the hard part that he couldn’t pass and the snail remembered his mother’s saying that always told him: When you have faith unknown forces come to your aid.  This is how the mountain snail was able to fulfill his dream of climbing to the top of his mountain.   

Rights Contact: Bernarda Holguìn Gámez

Rights Contact:  Jesús Alcaraz   Berlin, Alemania English, Deutschland

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