TITLE: Dos linternas hacia el mar

AUTHOR: Javier Allard de Landa (J. Allard)





Many years after a tragedy struck her life, Meilí faces a challenging decision: to find in her heart the forgiveness and the courage to look for her family or leave it all to dwell in the past. To accomplish it, she’ll rely in the support and friendship of Ana, an adventurous young Mexican girl who is visiting Beijing, thrilled to discover a culture and traditions very different from her own. However, that is not all Ana will find because, upon meeting Carlos, the cheeky Spanish boy that captivates her, a spark of love will ignite between them, which they will experience intensely. Together, Meilí, Ana and Carlos, along with other characters that give life to the plot of this story, they will begin a journey that will lead them to conquer their own feelings.

The author, Javier Allard, inspired by his own experience of having lived in Beijing, interweaves mystery, adventure, and romance in this novel, while inviting us to immerse ourselves in this peculiar culture, offering his readers a view into China’s day-to-day life, from its most emblematic settings up to its colorful nightlife!

A captivating and inspiring read. A story that leaves you wanting to take a flight and immediately go find a similar adventure!

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