TITLE:”Diario de un Romance Virtual”

SUBTITLE: Realidad o Fraude?


EDITION: Segunda edición mejorada a libro inteligente.



Can you imagine someone allowing you to read their diary? The author is going to grant it to you! In

his work: “Diary of a Virtual Romance” you can read more than 70 love letters from a couple in love.

It sounds exciting! Of course yes, because romance attracts us, since we all have an emotional area,

although in some it manifests itself more than in others, but we all have it.

That's right, although we don't all react emotionally all the time; However, we all vibrate with

excitement when the “virus” of love hits us. Even the most intellectual and sober ones fall in love

with the sweet honey of falling in love.

Eros love or love as a couple, which is very important in the development of the human being. To

such an extent that most of humanity longs as one of the purposes of their lives to find their partner

and establish a happy home.

The hectic postmodern life has us exhausted in work matters, traffic, distance and more, which is

why the majority do not want to go out to places to socialize and meet people to establish

themselves as couples.La autora, una psicóloga clínica y capellana, comparte sus vivencias en los

sitios de citas virtuales. A través, d emas de más de 70 cartas románticas, expone su privacidad, para

educarte sobre los pros y los contras de esta metodología de socialización y romance actual.

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