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“Despierta tu ser Interior: 12 pasos hacia la Sanación y Motivación"



Mónica Beltrán




Despierta tu ser interior: 12 pasos hacia la Sanación y Motivación is a transformative journey of self-discovery guided by Mónica Beltrán. The book focuses on helping readers reconnect with their true selves, providing twelve powerful steps for healing, growth, and purposeful living. Through self-awareness, habit transformation, and practical exercises, readers will gain tools to overcome challenges and achieve lasting change. This collaborative journey encourages curiosity, discipline, and openness, leading to a life filled with authenticity, well-being, and purpose. The keywords for the book include personal development, emotional healing, motivation, self-awareness, life coaching, life purpose, inner transformation, and empowerment. It falls within categories such as self-help, spirituality, self-awareness, empowerment, life coaching, inspiration, and emotional and mental healing.




Dear readers,


Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and transformation in Awaken Your Inner Being. In this fast-paced society, it is common to lose ourselves in external demands, forgetting our connection to our true selves. This book, guided by Mónica Beltrán, will help you awaken your inner spark and unfold your full potential.


Throughout these pages, we will explore twelve powerful steps to heal, grow, and discover a life filled with purpose and meaning. From self-awareness to habit transformation, each chapter will address key aspects of your being. With proven techniques, profound reflections, and practical exercises, you will find the necessary tools to transcend challenges and achieve lasting change.


This book is not a one-way guide, but a shared journey in which you are the protagonists. You are invited to immerse yourselves with curiosity, discipline, and openness, exploring the depths of your being and embracing transformation.


Throughout this journey, challenges and moments of introspection will arise, but you will also discover your own divine light and inner strength. You are not alone; your inner child, higher self, and the author will accompany you every step of the way, sharing inspiring stories.


Embark on this journey towards healing and motivation, opening the doors to a life full of authenticity, well-being, and purpose. Discover the transformative power that lies within each of you and see yourselves as the beings of light you are, living a human experience from a spiritual perspective.



1. Personal development

2. Emotional healing

3. Motivation and well-being

4. Self-awareness and personal growth

5. Life coach

6. Life purpose

7. Inner transformation

8. Transformation guide



1. Personal development and self-help

2. Spirituality

3. Self-awareness and self-improvement

4. Empowerment guide

5. Life coaching

6. Life inspiration

7. Emotional and mental healing






September 2023


COUNTRY: United States





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