TITLE: Decide and LIVE Change

SUBTITLE: Lead yourself to a plenty life, nurturing everyday your Integrity, growing continuously toward your Vision and fostering your Equilibrium.

AUTHOR: Moisés Antonio Rizo Villeda

ISBN: 978-1-4633-3976-0





This novel is about Nicolás' personal journey, narrated in an entertaining way. It is a journey of self-knowledge and personal growth that Nicolás himself has not sought and does not even know that he is about to undertake. The trigger to start the process will be unexpected and from there, accompanied by his mentor Angela, he will live various experiences that will provide him with the tools for the changes he needs to make in his life.

Together with Nicolás, you will live the four great stages of this process of change:

Starting with the rediscovery of your Leadership.

Moving on to the reassessment of your Integrity.

To later, refine your purpose through your Vision.

Finally, level all facets of your life with your Equilibrium.

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