TITLE: When the scared came to see me (Cuando el miedo vino a verme)


AUTHOR: Nydia Luisillo Martínez

ISBN: 978 607 29 2574 8

FIRST EDITION: february 2021




Imagine that the character who, it is rumored, annihilates everything in his path arrives at your door? How would you react?

This story reflects the lives of many at the moment of recognizing that they are afraid. Prevent them from noticing his presence because what would they think if they knew?

Actions are executed, hoping that it will disappear. You lock up the intruder waiting for him to die. But it is just when wisdom takes control that the message of fear can be heard, so that love can be chosen without hesitation.

The book is a powerful tool to free your fears. With ontological coaching exercises and psychopoetic acts that you yourself can carry out to rediscover the peace that one day fear took from you.

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