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TITLE: City, woman in motion (Ciudad, mujer en movimiento)

AUTHOR: Gabriela Ladrón de Guevara de León

ISBN: 978-607-99965-0-5





"City, woman in motion" is a work of poetry whose aesthetic and literary value focuses on exploring the women images, the city and the crisis we faced: the global pandemic. The author finds in her daily experiences the foundation to turn an intimate feeling into a shared experience. The driving axis of the poems is love in its many facets, understood as something much deeper than a feeling: it reviews concepts of love in a couple, family, literature, the neighborhood. In this way, the author touches her own reality and transforms it into words, in a simple and close way. This closeness allows the readers to identify and recognize themselves in the author's lyrics, she dialogues with her poems, the readers and contemporary reality. It also includes what the writer calls “Dark Poems, where the atmosphere is rarefied, but they show a certain light and optimism, images that are shown more clearly in the haikus contained. This work, of literary quality and clarity, inaugurates the poetry collection “Máquina de Trinos” from Enero Once Editorial. It was presented in digital format on November 27, 2020 and on November 27, 2022 the paper version was presented. In March 2021 it was translated into English under the title “City, woman in motion”.


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