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TITLE: Ciberpolítica

SUBTITLE: El Poder y Las Redes Sociales (the Power and Social Media)

AUTHOR: Fausto Muciño Duran

ISBN: 978-607-59400-1-4


COUNTRY: Mexico City




Ciberpolitica the power and Social Media offers a broad definition of the Cyberpolitic term that supports everything related to new technologies, which constitutes everything that has to do with networks, what interferes or interacts with the public space and the political part; It is a text that addresses one of the most important and current topics; the way in technological change is influencing our lives, this transformation is already underway.

Since the merge of the internet in human activities, everything has changed. The flow of information is generated in seconds. Communication, data transfers and electoral results happen in real time, and with the implicit or explicit recognition of institutions. In fact, several years ago, some Universities asked residents of various states of the American Union what they considered to be the most important invention of the last thirty years.

Since the birth of the internet, everything has changed and improved. And we can see the repercussions in many areas. Of course, politics could not be the exception. There have even been complaints on social networks of corrupt governments or poorly prepared politicians, unmasked thanks to the speed of the news.

Welcome to this enormous effort since and for knowledge. Welcome to the world of bites, where we will all be immersed, committed to participating in the changes that will be in favor or against society and our future generations...


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