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Title:    PATH OF HOPE


Subtitle: Difficult Experiences and Challenges in Dark Times of Drug Trafficking, all going on around her.


Author:   Esperanza Gutierrez Piñeros

 ISBN English edition: 9798861624664

ISBN Spanish edition: 9798857194546




LANGUAGES: English and Spanish



This is a true story, based on the life of Esperanza, who, connected to God, learned to keep the light of hope burning permanently. Step by step, she acquired the wisdom necessary to understand and know the love of God, which exceeds all knowledge. She experienced numerous great and inexplicable events, which we could consider miracles. Some of them occurred in the midst of the drug trafficking era, when the forces of law and order were on the opposite side, inverting the duty of being defenders of the good citizens. In consequence, from this Hope in action emerges the true meaning of our life, reflected in God's love. This divine connection continues to illuminate Esperanza's path day by day.

Esperanza was born and grew up in the home of Alice in the Land of... Readers will decide the country of which... Each reader will assimilate this story according to his or her personal experiences.

The following pages are written with the hope that they will be like an inspirational compass that will guide the transformation of your life, leaving a lasting impression on new generations.



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