TITLE: Arreit

SUBTITLE: The EGEN and the battle of all peoples

AUTHOR: Gustavo Javier Hernández de la Peña

ISBN: 979-868-960-584-5




Note: This book belongs to volume two of the Arreit book series.


Arreit El Egen the Battle of all the peoples, is the continuity of the events that arose in Arreit, the planet of war. Here the events of the great war named "time of Világháború" or World War I are narrated. Where an alliance rises to face the evil empire, that resistance is made up of the circle of swords belonging to the yoke of legendary swords; or weapons that were wielded by some of the great heroes who recorded their exploits in the chronicles of Arreit.

Within this volume II, the formation of the prodigious circle of swords that enclose a total of 24 is achieved: twelve of darkness and twelve of light. A fight of good over evil begins to arise led by both commanders by their protagonist; the wrathful god named the Marbas, who commands his twelve spectra of darkness, The Draugr who obey the will of their master; and on the side of good, Pederth opens a gap with his twelve apostles who make up the Euaggélion movement the call to the great kingdom.

In turn, the great witch-king embarks on a journey of conquest, subjecting various kingdoms to the yoke of darkness. For what he gains the pseudonym of the bad king, servant of the wrathful god, both leading the Dorconian race; a kind of sorcerer or supernatural being that has the ability to take the form of any animal even the dragon under its power Nawa.

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