TITLE: At mindnight only dogs wait

AUTHOR: Lucía Yépez

ISBN: 9781500743314





In At midnight only dogs wait we are allowed to know the wild and noble essence of canines, without exempting them from eroticism and provocation. On the contrary, the body is a space to explore one's own and others' emotions through multiple representations and to achieve this, Lucia, populates her verses with lexical hybridizations that allow us, beyond the game, to perceive emotions as intense bursts full of meaning.

Through a series of voices, intertexts, which are reinvented and remain as echoes in the memory, we are invited to take a journey through emotions, suspicions and certainties built by our own words and references. The verses of this book written by Lucía Yépez undress us and leave us open like petals to the erotic communion with others and ourselves by intermittently moving from individual and intimate voices to collective ones, as well as from the feminine to the masculine. At the center, if there is one, of Lucia's verses is the body as an object of vexation and adoration, an identity that randomly searches for words where it can flow beyond the flesh, the tremors of passion, the convulsions of hatred, the softness of caress.

To get into this collection of poems is to get into the labyrinth of the body, into the obscurities that nestle desire where pain and pleasure are indistinct and seek their own name without signs that precede them in exchange, perhaps, the reader gets a glimpse of the possible things of the world that we do not see through the reading of At midnight only dogs wait.


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