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TITLE: 24 Abriles

SUBTITLE: ¿Quieres vivir?

AUTHORS: Yolanda Gonzalez y Adriana Rodríguez

ISBN: 9798389133495





Two authors, two stories, two coincidences, one goal: survive. These two great women, Adriana and Yolanda, not only agree on the date of birth – April 24 – but also on their values ​​and wanting to help the world, leaving a great legacy after their fight against breast cancer. The authors decided to share their story to tell you that you are not alone and that cancer can be the door to a second chance. So the question is: Do you want to live?
With the help of the authors, two extraordinary and resilient women, you will be able to find the power and strength that lie within you. It will be like meeting soul mates who feel and think like you in a world where no one, or almost no one, understands what you are feeling and what the people around you are experiencing.
Throughout its pages, step by step, you will find the 4 powers and the 20 keys to best face before, during and after cancer, guided by Wisdom and with testimonies from both authors. Each of the chapters contains exercises so that you too can develop those powers and put into practice those keys that will give you encouragement, wisdom, peace and inspiration to move forward.
24 Aprils is a book that guides you along the path of wisdom, self-love, spirituality and self-knowledge; that helps you focus on what really matters: yourself, your health, your happiness and your life. By letting go, loving, thanking, changing habits and forgiving and being forgiven, it manages to lead you to an inner peace that translates into a single result: your healing.
24 years represent a journey of introspection at the hands of the Wise One, a character who plays an important role in our path to healing and whom we should all know, because we all have a wise woman who guides our steps in peace and harmony. You have the power of your healing within you.


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