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Title: 23 Pasos y un Secreto Escondido para el Empoderamiento

         23 Steps and the Hidden Secret towards Empowerment

Author: Dariela Tavarez de Fasick

Sinopsis: In this book you will find the stories and experiences of different men and women of everyday life, who have transformed their lives through painful processes that have led them to find themselves and somehow master some of these 23 steps and the hidden secret. You will also find the steps I have taken, how I did it and with what I did it, to be able to lose more than 80 pounds, control anxiety and reach my desired health and weight goals, now I help to transform, with a simple method, the lives of thousands of other Latinas. I will share recommendations based on my successes and defeats in the business world over a 10 year long career so that you can build an indispensable leadership and most importantly create a different life. In writing this book I feel extremely excited, because I am sure that every woman who reads it to the end, with the faith in herself to make new changes, will learn the secrets that I discovered to go from a world full of limitations and mental poverty since I was a child, to a life full of personal and financial success which led me to build a beautiful family and many other wonderful things. The coolest and most valuable thing of all is that any woman who wants to make these changes in her life and empower herself can purchase it for the same value that a combo at any fast food restaurant would cost her.



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