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Success through pain

“How to deal with a child's disability”.

Author: Beatriz Isleño Hernandez.

ISBN: 9798585537332

FIRST EDITION: Septiembre 2022

COUNTRY: Monterrey Nuevo, León México.



This book is a testimony of faith and hope, written for families who have a child

with a disability.

It is a journey from denial, uncertainty, depression, acceptance, reconciliation with

the new reality where facing the disability of a child, results in transforming pain

into love and recognizing success. The book is a practical, concise, precise guide,

with encouraging words, advice, alternatives among other skills that the author had

to learn to overcome, and achieve success in that process of fragility, decay and

insecurity, to get up and return to build up.

The teacher Beatriz Isleño did not know how to deal with children and young

people with disabilities and was even unaware of the subject, until her daughter

Kenya Gisselle was born, whowas the source of inspiration and who prompted him

to write this book.

Its greatest achievement is to raise awareness, promote protection, respect and

encouragement for the inclusion and defense of the human rights of people with

disabilities, through integration, empathy and equity, as well as raising awareness

in society in general.


Beatriz Isleño Hernández, normalista teacher, Bachelor of Secondary Education in

the specialty of Biology, with a Master's degree in Secondary Education in the

Specialty of Biological Sciences.DHigh school teacher with 21 years of experience

in the city of Monterrey N.L México.


WHATSAPP: +528116714924


FACEBOOK: Beatriz Isleño Hernandez

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