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AUTHOR: Oscar Enrique Taylor Moreno

ISBN: 09781637654125

EDITORIAL: Hola Publishing Internacional. First Edition 2023



SYNOPSIS: In a world devastated by the Great War, a small community has been hiding behind its walls for twenty years, surviving rudimentarily. The mysterious disappearance of two of its inhabitants and the arrival of a strange visitor, awakens the restlessness of crossing the walls and the hope of recovering everything that was taken away from humanity, under the latent fear of encountering the "soulless"; the enemy that caused the apocalypse.


LITERARY CRITICISM: What is 'humanity' made of? What make us truly human? These are the questions that underlie Oscar Enrique Taylor Moreno's post-apocalyptic story of Ànima. The greatest assets of this novel are the endearing characters and their remarkable evolution. Also, that it unfolds in a plausible and well-crafted world in which an oppressive and dangerous atmosphere dominates. Ánima addresses themes that have obsessed great thinkers for years, such as hope, fear, the need to regain what has been lost and above all, love as the human engine. Carlos Robles, Literary Critic



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